Almost all that I have learned has been from ground zero. I have since talked to a lot of cue makers and feel that the way I learned gave me an excellent understanding of how a pool cue should be put together. I search for the very best materials, and do top quality work. I also stand behind what I do fully, 100 percent. I do not send a cue out if I am not personally happy with how it turned out. Each cue I make is special, and each customer is treated with respect. Most of my customers have ordered more than one cue!!

I have learned a lot and met a lot of people by reading pool newsgroups. rec.sport.billiard and alt.sport.pool are a great resource for information. Sometimes they are quite entertaining as well! There are some real characters hanging around. I make mostly one of a kind cues, by special order only, that’s why you will see no cue “Series” on my site, or in my repertoire. I occasionally have a finished cue for sale and I can make jump cues and “break cues” as part of a set.. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments – (sheldon at sheldoncue dot com).

~*|*~ Those in the know play with a LEBOW ~*|*~

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