Cue Prices

Welcome to the prices page! This page will not give you an exact price on any of the cues you see on this site, but it should give you an understanding of how much a cue would cost. Since there are no “Series” or “Sets” of cues, all cues are made to order, and designed by your specifications. As you will see below, the prices range, and additions to a cue can be made. If, by chance, I have a cue that is currently finished, and waiting to be sold, I will post it on the 4Sale page. I will include a description of the cue, and the list price.

Custom Cues

All custom cues start at $500

Wood Options*: Bubinga, Bacote, Maple, Ebony, Cocobolo, Zebra, Tulip, and much more.

For a special wood option, please email!

Other Options!
Radial, 3/8-10, 5/16-18, 5/16-14
UNI-LOC, Steel Collars, Ivory, Horn
Ivory, Ivorine, Aegis, Melamine, etc.
Talisman, Moori, Instroke, Hercules, WB
Lepro, Triangle, Elkmaster, Triumph, etc.

For specific options that are not listed here, do not hesitate to call or email. I take pride in customer satisfaction, and I want to make you the best cue I possibly can.